Quantum crystallography

Quantum crystallography is a branch of crystallography that investigates crystalline materials within the framework of quantum mechanics, with analysis and representation, in position or in momentum space, of quantities like the wavefunction, the electron charge and spin density, the density matrices and all properties related to them (like electric potential, electric or magnetic moments, energy densities, electron localization function, one electron potential, etc.). The research in this field includes experimental work (radiation scattering and/or absorption-emission) and theoretical work (quantum chemical calculations in periodic systems, approximated models for the experimental observations). The work carried out in our group consists in measuring X-ray diffraction on crystals at low temperature and use quantum crystallographic approaches for the modelling (multipolar expansion of the electron charge density, wavefunction modelling with X-ray restrained techniques).
From the obtained models, chemical bonding analysis is carried out, assisted by purely theoretical simulations on the crystalline systems investigated. Complementary information is obtained from measurements of the dielectric constant, conductibility, magnetic susceptibility and other electronic properties of the materials investigated. The purpose of this research is extracting valuable information to unveil the mechanisms that govern the build up of a material functionality

Principal investigator: Prof. Piero Macchi
PhD student(s): Yidian Wang (PhD at polimi); Marianne Kerleaux (visiting master student)
Main collaborators: Dr. Michelle Ernst (Univ. Heidelberg, Germany); Dr. Alessandro Genoni (Univ. Lorraine, France); Dr. Anna Krawczuk (Univ. Göttingen, Germany); Dr. Stefano Racioppi (Chalmers Univ., Sweeden); Dr Rebecca Scatena (Diamond Light Source, UK).

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